Minister of the Interior’s Decree on the transport and placement of Jewish forced labourers

Hungarian Ministry of Defence

Subject: To accompany the Jews suitable for labour service to their workplace

Number: 178774



Strictly confidential!


For a proper procedure, I hereby inform the Subprefect that the Jews from Budapest who were found suitable for labour service will be accompanied on foot to their assigned workplace, from the 6th of November 1944 on, until further measure. On the way, the escort will be carried out by the H.[ungarian] R.[oyal] Army, while the guard service at the catering and night stations will be provided by the H.[ungarian] R.[oyal] Gendarmerie. I notice the Subprefect to ensure, catering and night stations for 2,000 persons per day at the places listed below, from the date indicated below until further measure. The daily supply of a person should be the allotted portion of bread and a bowl of hearty warm meal. Covered premises should be designated for night stations, where the persons escorted to their workplace can be completely separated from the population of the municipality. There should be adequate number of latrines as well in the night stations. In case of contagious disease or death, the assigned public health officer should be informed.

Catering and night stations:


From November 6, 1944 Piliscsaba,


From November 7, 1944 Dorog,


From November 8, 1944 Süttő,


From November 9, 1944 Szőny,


From November 10, 1944 Gönyű,


From November 11, 1944 Dunaszeg,


From November 12, 1944 Mosonmagyaróvár ,


And from November 13, 1944 Hegyeshalom.


Finally, I urge the Subprefect to direct the chief constables in charge who are responsible for the designated catering and night stations to involve the members of the armed party service of the local Arrow Cross Party - Hungarist Movement in the guard service of the labour servicemen. Evidently, the armed party members who are assigned to guard the labour servicemen must follow the instructions of the H.[ungarian] R.[oyal] Gendarmerie responsible for guarding.

I expect a report on the organization of catering and night stations.

Regarding the H.[ungarian] R.[oyal] Gendarmerie I will issue a decree separately.

Budapest, on November 4, 1944


By the order of the Minister:

László Hajnácskőy sgd.

Gendarme Colonel