Order of the day by the council of the elders no. 81 from the Terezín (Theresienstadt) Ghetto

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Theresienstadt Ghetto                             Theresienstadt, 22.03.1942
Council of the Elders

Order of the Day
22nd March 1942

1./ Orders
All ghetto inmates – with the exception of people from transports AK I und AK II – are hereby ordered to submit any circumstances why the might be excluded from the transports to the East in writing. 
Such circumstances as follows will be considered by the superior authorities as reasons for rejection:
1. Family disruption/ Husband, wife and children are understood as family
2. Aged over 65 years
3. War commendations such as the Medal of Honour I, Order of the Iron Cross, Medal of Bravery and above
4. Valid Aryan mixed marriage
5. Foreign citizenship with the exception of Polish, Luxembourg, Russian, Slovakian, Croatian and Romanian citizenship.
6. Injured war veterans who can prove 60% loss of their working capacity.
7. Family relationship with a member of the AK I or AK II transports
Notices from people on transports G. H, K, L, K and N must be submitted by Monday 23rd March, 8pm at the latest, and those from transports R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z from 26th – 28th March at 6pm in writing to the building elders. The notices must contain the following information:
Name and forename 
Transport number, building and room number
Names and forenames as well transport numbers of relatives to be considered family
The proposed reason for exclusion should be described in one sentence as concisely as possible.

2/. Health Care in the Aussig Barracks
Persons living in the Aussig Barracks are under the jurisdiction of the head doctors in the Sudeten Barracks. Visits to inpatients should be requested at the clinic in the Sudeten Barracks where outpatient treatments will also be carried out.

3/. Exhibition of Children’s Work
The Youth Welfare Department will hold an exhibition of the children’s work from 21st-28th 1942 in the Magdeburg Barracks, room 117, 2nd floor. 

4/. Judgements from the Ghetto Penal Court
The following people have been sentenced by the Penal Court in Theresienstadt:
1. Hermann GROSS, 745/M, resident in the Magdeburg Barracks on 09.03.1942 with 10 days imprisonment and loss of warm food on the 10th day of the sentence. As a penalty, the right to work in the ghetto has been lost.
Punishable offence: As a cook in the kitchen of the Magdeburg Barracks he stole various groceries. 
2. Rudolf GROSS, 109/J, resident of the Sudeten Barracks, on 12.03.1942 with three weeks imprisonment with loss of warm on the 10th and 20th day of the sentence. 
Punishable offence: Stealing horsemeat belonging to the camp administration on 05.03.1942.

5/. Teaching staff
The Youth Welfare Department seeks teaching staff with experience of educating slow and abnormal children. Curriculum Vitae and references to be submitted at the Magdeburg Barracks with the special notation: Concerning difficult children.

6/. Birth
On 21st March 1942 a female baby was born in the Hamburg Barracks. Parents: Kurt Schneider, Transport no. 25/T, Gertrude Schneider, Transport no. 26/T. 

7/. Deaths
Name – Date of death – Born – transport number.:
Röhr Ernestine nee Fried – 20.3.1942 – 1860 – 528/Z
Neubauer-Samek Hermine, nee Pollak – 20.3.1942 – 1877 – 728 Ac
Schick Katharina nee Gottlieb – 21.3.1942 – 1868 – 307/Y
Lederer Jakob – 21.3.1942 – 1866 – 170/T
Vogel Adelheid nee Raffmann – 21.3.1942 – 1857 – 386/Ac

Council of the Elders
[signature] Janowitz