Letter from Wolfgang von Tirpitz to Leonard K. Elmhirst


Letter from Wolfgang von Tirpitz to Leonard K. Elmhirst


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Wolfgang von Tirpitz


DHC T/AA/1/J/7.




Berlin-Dahlem, 30.11.38.
Am Hirschsprung 25.

Dear Mr. Elmhirst,

my father in law Geheimrat Sering gave me the advice to approach you in the following matter. A former teacher and friend of mine wishes to leave Germany on account of his Jewish origine [sic]. This man, who has none whatever of the disagreeable qualities of his race, is 57 years old, married without children. He is an excellent philologist (Latin and Greek) and was director of a famous college in Frankfurt a. M., where he was held in highest esteem by his colleagues. I enclose herewith a list of his publications.
Of modern languages he knows Italian, French and English as far as reading is concerned. I have not the slightest doubt that this highly gifted man could improve his English in a very short time. He is after all a good Christian. His character is perfect and his ability of getting on with young people is marvellous [sic]. I would never have dared to approach you unless I would be sure that my friend would fill every post within his sphere with remarkable success. Is there any chance to give him a job in your scool [sic] or have you another idea what to do? I would be very much obliged if you would give a minute of your time to think the whole thing over. Please do not mention in your answer race or name of my friend, Dr. Ernst Neustadt, Frankfurt a. M., Mainzer Landstr. 32.

I am yrs very sincerely

W v. Tirpitz





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