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The report dispatched to the Foreign Office by the UK Prague embassy contains information about Schmolka's visit to the refugee camp in Mischdorf in southern Slovakia. Schmolka also refers to other cases of refugees stranded on the new borders of…

Letter by Hans Frank addresses to his parents in the Łódź Ghetto
Letter by Hans Frank from Denmark to his parents who were transported to the Łódź Ghetto, exchanging news about family members and telling his parents about his daily life in Denmark and his agricultural courses as a preparation for future Aliyah.

Report by Marie Schmolka about her visit to Jews expelled from Burgenland who had to live on a ship anchored at the Danube, July 1938
The excerpt of this report by Marie Schmolka, director of Czechoslovak HICEM, is enclosed in a letter sent by Pavel Deutsch, a concerned Czechoslovak citizen living in Dvůr Králové, to the president Edvard Beneš appealing to him to allow at least a…

Letter by Walter Bloch from Lillerod addressed to Hans Frank
Personal letter by Walter Bloch who came with a group of 80 young people on a Kindertransport to Denmark to his friend Hans Frank, exchanging news about the daily life in Denmark.
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