Letter from Ernst Neustadt to the Archbishop of Canterbury


Letter from Ernst Neustadt to the Archbishop of Canterbury




Ernst Neustadt


MS. Society for the Protection of Science and Learning (SPSL). 295/6/329. Reproduced with kind permission from CARA.






32, Mainzer Landstrasse
Frankfurt am Main

Dear Sir,

.... I have been Headmaster of the very famous Goethe College at Frankfurt am Main and my name is well known to the philologists and pedagogues in Germany. I was pensioned at the end of 1935 because of my being a so-called Non-Aryan Christian.

Now, aged 55, after 30 years of public service, I must emigrate in the shortest possible time, and as neither I nor my wife have any relations abroad so as to be able to provide us with an affidavit for America or Australia, there is a danger that we can’t leave this country and we are being exposed here to the utmost unsupportable chance.

Therefore I should be very glad if you could possibly help me in finding a position at a secondary school, a college, a training college, a University – anywhere on earth – where I could teach my subjects, i.e. Greek, Latin, German language and literature, Ancient History, History of Religion, Didactics, and I should be completely content earning a living for me and my wife by my abilities.

References of Professors in the University and of former pupils of mine, if wanted, are at your disposal.

As our situation in this country grows more threatening from day to day, help must arrive soon, otherwise it arrives too late…

Dr. Ernst Neustadt


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