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Testimony of bank clerk Illés Káldor on the murder of his mother and other patients in the Alma street Jewish Orthodox nursery home

Testimony of Ms. Imréné Klein on the Arrow Cross massacre in the "Dániel Bíró" Jewish hospital and nursing home in Városmajor street. The text includes a hand-drawn map on the site of the execution

Eyewitness report detailing antisemitic laws pre-1938, the November pogrom events in Treutlingen, Germany, subsequent arrest and short incarceration in Dachau. The account is part of the Wiener Library Kristallnacht Reports collected in 1938-1939.

The photo was taken by the Allies and shows the Sachsenhausen camp complex in early 1945. On the bottom, the SS-headquarters can be seen, on the top the prisoners' camp in its triangular shape. There are five numbers on the photo: roll-call area (1),…

Alter Ogień Testimony has been written in Lublin in 1944 by a survivor who's been first in the Warsaw ghetto, then he escaped with his wife to Łęczna.

Gerardo (Gerhard) Nassau fled to Argentina in February 1939. From mid-November to mid-December 1938, Nassau had been detained in Sachsenhausen, or – as he called it – in the “Country of Numbers where the time stands still and the men have no names”.…

Registration card of building manager Vince Kasza, who joined the Arrow Cross Party in 1939, promoted to district leader in 1941 and group leader in 1944, and was one of the members of András Kun’s killing squad

Glejberman Bejrach s1.jpg
Bejrach Glejberman's registration card, filled for the Central Committee of Polish Jews
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