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Letter of former deportee Mrs. Sándor Kelen from Bergen-Belsen to Budapest trying to obtain information of her family members

Eyewitness report detailing antisemitic laws pre-1938, the November pogrom events in Treutlingen, Germany, subsequent arrest and short incarceration in Dachau. The account is part of the Wiener Library Kristallnacht Reports collected in 1938-1939.

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Postcard of Adél Földes, née Pollák from Piliscsaba to an acquaintance in Budapest

Offical censored postcard from Adéla and Jinřich Kohn addressed to their daughter Anna Mikendová in Prague

The photo was taken by the Allies and shows the Sachsenhausen camp complex in early 1945. On the bottom, the SS-headquarters can be seen, on the top the prisoners' camp in its triangular shape. There are five numbers on the photo: roll-call area (1),…



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