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Transcript of a propaganda speech attributed to Arrow Cross militia commander "Father" András Kun taken from the investigative records of his post-war trial


Registration card of building manager Vince Kasza, who joined the Arrow Cross Party in 1939, promoted to district leader in 1941 and group leader in 1944, and was one of the members of András Kun’s killing squad

Order issued by Arthur Liebehenschel (head of D 1 division - the central office of the SS-WVHA) for the transfer of 37 skilled workers from "KL" Flossenbürg to "KL" Auschwitz

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Personal letter by Walter Bloch who came with a group of 80 young people on a Kindertransport to Denmark to his friend Hans Frank, exchanging news about the daily life in Denmark.

Three name lists prepared by the Buda Orthodox Jewish Congregation around the time of the Városmajor exhumations in late April 1945:
1. Name list of the slaughtered patients and employees of the Maros Street hospital, with the names of 90 victims…



Report of dr. Lóránt Tamáska, who took part in the exhumation of the victims of the Arrow Cross massacres in Városmajor on April 23-25, 1945 on behalf of the Committee for the Investigation of Nazi and Arrow Cross Atrocities

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